Award of Excellence Landscape Association of S.A. 2012

A pair of exquisite ornamental pear trees mark the entry to this intimate Millswood garden, their leafy canopies forming a welcoming arc over the entry gates.  The bold physical presence of four Japanese box topiary balls in oversized French style pots, provide a strong sense of arrival, leading visitors to the pillared entry portico, effectively grounding the scale of the home to the garden.

Terracotta bricks were recycled to form three feature paved 'carpet' inlays, providing textural and visual interest adjacent the portico entry and the garden seats. Garden beds divide and soften the hardscape, greening up the paved areas with hardy but lush looking plants.  Paths provide a hierarchy of movement, leading to intimate spaces for contemplation, which are suitably furnished with iron benches.  

Dwarf pencil pines (Cupressus sempervirens 'Glauca') form a green wall behind the seats, creating rooms for relaxation.  Wide paths provide ease of movement and encourage one to meander through the garden whilst ensuring easy access to maintain garden beds.

A limited palette of plants achieves an elegant simplicity, complementing the classic style of the home.  Plants form the backbone and structure of the design, without the need for additional hardscape in the form of masonry walls or raised beds.

Deciduous trees selected for their coppery bronze autumn colour, provide a subtle reference to the tones of the home's render and paved brick detailing.  The profuse spring blossoms of the pear trees and the extravagant sprays of white crepe myrtle flowers romance the garden well into autumn, while their shady green canopies soften the hardscape during the summer months.


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