Award of Excellence Landscape Association of S.A. 2005

AGD designed a lush looking oasis using mainly evergreen plants with contrasting foliage texture for year round appeal.  The carefully selected climate compatible planting includes verdant looking plants which capture the essence of a tropical garden yet are hardy and water efficient, and thrive in our Mediterranean climate.

Bougainvillea flowers add vibrant tropical colour & architectural foliage plants like the prehistoric cycad combined with the Mediterranean fan palm provide textural interest and form a great contrast with the tight clipped Japanese box.

A sense of mystery is achieved with zones, created in the form of garden rooms to provide intimate spaces with varying functions to suit the family's lifestyle.  The private front garden was designed to be appreciated from the master bedroom suite. The area has the feel of a secluded tranquil oasis, shaded by a graceful box elder tree with a copse of Japanese maples forming a wooded understory.  Lighting placed in the canopy glows like moonlight for an ethereal evening effect.

A rainforest like canopy of native frangipani and China doll trees provide privacy and shade to the upper storey living areas while filling the air with fragrance when in flower.  The balcony is a wonderful place to entertain while overlooking the garden but it's also the best vantage spot to appreciate the bush setting & gives a birds-eye view of koalas, possums & kookaburras which to the kids' delight, visit frequently.

Stepping stone paths weave through the jungle-like plantings of philodendrons to provide a magic place for the children to hide and create their own imaginative play. This is a very green garden which doesn't rely on flower colour but does feature seasonal accents like the vibrant colours of clivia during spring, camellias for winter cheer, flamboyant hibiscus flowers in summer and ginger lilies for 'wow factor' in autumn.  

This is an inviting natural garden with informal yet distinctive design, the client's own tropical inspired resort and  piece of paradise at home.  An award winning tropical inspired oasis!


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