Unley Park

Award of Excellence Landscape Association of S.A. 2009

A classically elegant, formal garden to complement the character of the home. AGD designed a pillared portico with a pitched tiled roof to complement the Georgian architecture of the home. The removal of the balustrade and retiling of the porch seamlessly integrates the entry with the newly paved paths and garden.

A custom designed marble tiled water feature with a pair of graceful, bronze cranes provides an appealing entry statement and creates a welcoming ambience in the front garden. Lawns were designed to provide visual relief and a play space for the client's pets. Layered evergreen hedges enhance a sense of formality with year round appeal.

Enhancing the garden's leafy character is a copse of deciduous Lagerstroemia trees. Pencil pines provide vertical scale to complement the 2 storey home whilst accentuating the entry path and leading visitors to the portico. Boundary walling and Pyrus ussuriensis trees have provided much needed privacy from neighbouring properties with the bonus of exceptional autumn colour.

Large format paving was introduced to update the outdoor entertaining areas and levels were redesigned for more functional entertaining and to better incorporate the existing swimming pool. The rear garden's water feature was designed to create a focal point from internal living areas whilst the ambient sound of trickling water can be appreciated from the outdoor entertaining areas.

This garden has been transformed into an elegant space with well defined areas and a luxuriant appearance to suit the locality's leafy character.


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